About Us

KINN is the go to label for clean lines and exceptional quality.
A modern balance between classic style and fashion innovation.
The KINN philosophy is to create wardrobe staples with longevity; taking classic menswear garments and adding a modern twist.
At KINN we never compromise on quality and seek to align our original fit and design with the KINN man’s apparel needs.
Priding ourselves on attention to detail, our core brand values combine quality, cut, fit and finish.
Here at KINN HQ we're passionate about what we do. This is why we keep as much as we can in-house.
We want to make sure everything is just right, from start to finish. A huge part of this is in the hands of our amazing team and the constant customer feedback we get and implement. 
Here's how its done;
Making our KINN apparel is a very involved process, with specific attention to detail on fit and fabric!
A KINN garment starts its life in product design, with the dream team drawing up a design that fits inline with our core values of great fit and high quality fabric. Then we make a sample, try it on a bunch of guys, get feedback, and make changes until it’s a perfect fit. Once we have a final sample, it’s sent over to manufacturing. At KINN we hand source all our fabric's by visiting international Cotton mills and markets to find the best fabrics that are right for our garments and customers.Next we print, cut, sew, and the magic begins.When we’ve got all the garments ready, our  logistics crew get it online for you guys to grab!
It’s definitely a big job, but we love doing it as we are passionate about our Brand.